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Why are we building this site?

11+ maths exam is one of the challenging and important exams written by the children in the UK when they reach 11 years old. This exam normally conducted when the children start Year 6.

This exam period is quite challenging and emotional for parents who prepare their children for the big day. Many parents tend to seek help from private tutors who charge a lot of money per hour. One of the reasons for this is the lack of resources at the parent's disposal. 

At the same time, a number of grammar schools and independent schools publish their past papers and sample papers to guide the parents who prepare their kids for the exams. Most of the time, these papers are archived, couldn't find or don't have answers. To mitigate this unfortunate situation, this website has developed to put all the papers and answers in one place

This website has more than 200 past papers used and tested by schools across the country and the corresponding answer schemes prepared by us to help parents to mark. These papers are hidden gems and contain a variety of topics at various levels of difficulties.  I used these papers to prepare my daughter who is now studying at one of the popular grammar school in Sutton. I thought these invaluable papers must reach parents and children across the country.

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